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Welcome! We’re The Moderate Microphone!

We were born out of frustration. We noticed a lack of moderate current events coverage in the media – and the extremity was growing to our friends and family. Society is being flooded with extreme slants in reporting that the majority of people do not seem to agree with, but don’t know how to talk about.

A lot of the topics are tough. A whole bunch of awkward conversations, people saying things they don’t mean. Feelings are hurt…walls go up.

We exist to help build a bridge to the middle, promote compromise and collaboration, and have a bit of fun along the way. We have a few tricks up our sleeve…

Mic Drop – Our meat and potatoes. These are our articles, announcements, and general information.

The Amp – This is our podcast. We’ll have lighthearted debates about common controversial topics. We’ll use the same tools to break everything down that we would for other conversations.

Soundcheck – This is where we hear from you! Send us your awkward conversations, answer polls, and let us know what you think!

Open Mic – Join us in the forums and put those conversational skills to the test.

Hot Mic – These are our opinion pieces and letters from the Editor.

Resources – We want to provide access to a diverse pool of resources in general categories. Please send suggestions – we need them!

We know perfect conversations aren’t always possible. There are tough topics that can be difficult or near impossible to compromise on. For these, respectful and intelligent conversation is encouraged. Politics and religion should not be taboo topics. It is our goal to provide assistance in handling these difficult subject matters. It is possible to have a conversation and disagree.

Ultimately, The Moderate Microphone is here to bring society back together to a place of mutual understanding and respect. The moderate voice just needs a microphone.

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